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Guide for borrowers

Welcome to the new class of borrowing – directly from people, not banks

Business angels have for decades been the life blood of early stage companies that need funding when the banks will not consider it. We now introduce our network of private lenders.

Unlike business angels, private lenders may not be looking for a long-term investment and they may not be shareholders. A lender is looking for a superior return on his money. With today’s low interest rates and shaky stock markets, many investors would rather sit on their cash.

Until now. connects private lenders and business borrowers. First Funding allows businesses to borrow directly from lenders on the network. Both sides meet online to exchange information. If the deal is right, both sides agree the rate, terms and conditions of the loan.

A summary of your borrowing proposal is displayed on for all lenders to view. No detailed information about you or your company is displayed until a lender registers an interest in the deal and confirms his identity.

One lender may offer the whole sum requested, or multiple lenders may contribute to the loan. You may of course reject any offer and are free to negotiate terms.

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