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Property development

Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2350
Seeking: £500,000
For: hotel converstion into flats
Region: Midlands & East
Sector: Property
In business since: 01/11

Project Name Loughborough Road Outline CONVERSION OF HOTEL TO SEVEN 2 BED AND ONE 1 BED FLATS (CLASS C3); CONSTRUCTION OF FIFTEEN 2 BED AND ONE 1 BED FLATS AND ANCILLARY CAR PARKING Cost of land ú350000 Cost of Construction ú500000 End value ú1100000 Presales will remortgage to b2let for rental market Total required ú500000 Description as above CV's Can supply separately Timetable 18 months max Planning permission Already granted Planning reference 20070390 Land owned? Yes Details of land borrowing Unencumbered Other security Can be made available if needed

Reclaiming Care Home or Nursing home fees for Alzheimers, Dementia, Stroke or Parkinsons disease patients who by law should have them paid by the local Primary Care Trust.

Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 2 Years

Deal ID: 2319
Seeking: £200,000
For: marketing and administration costs
Region: North East
Sector: Services
In business since: 10/09

It is a moral and legal outrage that tax payers who fall to Alzheimers or other mental or physical disability have their homes and savings taken from them to pay for continuing care when the law clearly states the NHS should pay. We are fulfilling the role, using solicitors and medical specialists, to reclaim the money where the Primary Care Trusts make it so difficult for family members to claim. There are over 800,000 alzheimers sufferers in the UK with 45,000 homes sold each year to fund care fees and we charge a success fee of 20% split with solicitors and aim for 5,000 cases over 2 years.

Manufacturers of a range of childrens art & craft products which are supplied into educational catalogues & a range of kitchenware products.

Offering 6% interest, per annum, over 10 Years

Deal ID: 2497
Seeking: £210,000
For: Re-financing away from main stream bank
Region: North West
Sector: Manufacturing
In business since: 01/80

G W Chadwick Limited is a Company not willing to rest on the laurels of its 1880 heritage, the Directors have a great passion for continuing to drive, nurture, shape and enhance this modern family business well into the future. The Company was put into the care of the current Directors more than 20 years ago & they have steered carefully & profitably through many market changes including iof course the worst of recession. That positive long record of trading the Directors are working very hard to constructively and profitably build on, offering all stakeholders, whether they be staff, investors or Directors a business to be proud of.

OpalTec International is a leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Solutions to the retail, warehouse, logistics & mobile courier industries. Our end-to-end offering covers all areas of data capture and mobile computing solutions.

Offering 10% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2344
Seeking: £345,000
For: Devolopment of leisure project
Region: South & West
Sector: Technology
In business since: 10/98

The OpalTec business strategy is always to look beyond individual economic cycles and focus on capturing long-term growth trends, even during economic downturns as severe as that of the past two years. We are constantly looking to enliven old entrenched processes with new workable ideas. Naturally, we also have the ability to make short-term adjustments that minimise the impact of the recession and allow us to capitalise on any recovery as it takes hold. That is why in late 2007, as markets were coming off their peaks, we took the decision to begin making difficult but necessary cuts in overheads and staff levels. As a result of our forward thinking OpalTec has weathered this most recent market downturn better than most companies.

Ethical financial products to help homeowners fast-track buy and sell their home.

Offering 15% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2342
Seeking: £2,000,000
For: Mezzanine finance (will consider Equity)
Region: South East
Sector: Property
In business since: 05/06

Interest guaranteed by CEO. Loan secured on pre-determined rising asset values (three valuations). Repayment of loan (drawn balance) in 170 days (will consider Equity). Unique product to help homeowners fast-track buy and sell their home (selected). We do not buy the homeowners' property. FSA authorized and regulated (July 2007) - not a regulated mortgage contract. An "insurance" product in the financial sector. Real-time case-by-case adverse risk pricing. Experienced management (understanding and managing risk). B2C Market Research - Three rounds (684,000 Potential Customers pa in normal market conditions. 45% "interested and very interested"). Consumer data (captive customers) available in real-time to stakeholders.

Video production and distribution of Classic Rock concerts performed by some of the worldÆs greatest Classic Rock stars. Emerson Lake and Palmer and Meat Loaf already shot. Distribution is through digital cinema, DVD, DC, TV and online.

Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2484
Seeking: £175,000
For: purchase of video library of classic rock concerts
Region: South East
Sector: Services
In business since: 10/10

Please note that the figures in the financials tab relate to the financial history of the library assets being acquired and not to Concert One Ltd. 1. One of the two EIS investment funds backing Concert One Ltd (Enterprise Corporate Finance Ltd) has agreed to do EIS placings in April and October 2012 to the value of ú250,000 in order to repay the loan and provide additional working capital for the company. The CEO of Enterprise Corporate Finance Ltd is also a council member and Secretary of the EIS Association. 2. The loan can be secured against the library asset until repayment is made. 3. The sum being paid for the library represents 3 x 2011 profit. The company has already proved that it has the expertise to produce and exploit classic rock concert videos. It is on course to shoot three such concerts per year. However, in order to maximise in-house efficiency and utilise its low cost base to best effect, it is now seeking to acquire a catalogue of classic rock concert fi

Developing Wind Power Projects

Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 2 Years

Deal ID: 2486
Seeking: £300,000
For: Completing 3 wind projects
Region: South East
Sector: Technology
In business since: 06/10

Management team with a successful global history of wind & renewable power project developments wishes to borrow ú300,000 to take 2 core projects through planning. ú160,000 invested, 6 projects identified. Interest 12% plus 50% bonus on project sale. Each project has a sale value of c. ú1.5m on completion. Due diligence will reveal the depth of experience and past success of the directors in achieving planning and permitting for similar projects.

Residential and Commercial property Development and Rental Company

Offering 6% interest, per annum, over 6 months

Deal ID: 2299
Seeking: £1,000,000
For: Acquisition of a commercial/residential property
Region: North West
Sector: Property
In business since: 06/06

The property is several bespoke student accommodation blocks in the city centre approximately valued at ú9.0 - 9.5m. I am due to obtain an upto date survey. Income currently generated from is ú1m pa gross rent . Net rent is ú750k after management and bills. Trading accounts available. The accommodation is fully let for academic year 2010/2011. Property can be obtained for 7.5m. Commercial funding facility in place from LloydsTsb at 70% LTV on purchase price. ú5.25m 15% funded by myself. 15% funding required. Once the completion of the sale the bank will release approx a further ú1.125 against the full value of the property at approx ú9.25M. 1.125m will be repaid to the investor. Additional investor security can be in form of a second charge on the property. -----------------------------------------------------


Net Income = 62.5k ------------------------------ Bank Loan = 36k (Repayment) Investor @6% = 5.6k Net Monthly Pr

Property Development

Offering 8% interest, per annum, over 6 months

Deal ID: 2312
Seeking: £30,000
For: Cashflow
Region: Midlands & East
Sector: Property
In business since: 10/03

Good track record - currently c. ú4.5m portfolio (commercial / resi mix) with c. ú2m equity.


Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2290
Seeking: £500,000
Region: North West
Sector: Property
In business since: 12/08

Established bridging company seeks funds to relend for property purchase Lender is secured through a bank-style subcharge. See the attached security document Term expected to be 3 months. I'll pay 1% per month. Attached deals include valuation and bank-style security documents. full details on application

Teaching Recruitment

Offering 6% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2309
Seeking: £350,000
For: To buy out existing shareholder and get control
Region: North East
Sector: Services
In business since: 10/96

The loan is secured against a commercial property valued at ú400,000 For the first two years of the loan I have contractual income independent of the business performance.

Private members club offering shared ownership of supercars (Ferrari's etc.)

Offering 8% interest, per annum, over 3 years

Deal ID: 2076
Seeking: £140,000
For: Vehicle Purchase
Region: South East
Sector: Retail
In business since: 01/06

The loan is used to purchase a supercar for use by club members. The lender will have the car as security against the loan and we would also build in special privileges for the lender to enjoy occasional use of the car itself.

Investment Company focussed on specialist distribution companies

Offering 8% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2316
Seeking: £2,000,000
For: Acquisition of a further specialist distributor
Region: North West
Sector: Services
In business since: 01/09

Ability to secure finance into a robust and stable business. Turnover ú3.5m, ú680k operating profit (virtually 100% cash conversion). Excellent management team. Good organic growth prospects to further secure the financing. Potential for additional security, see below.

Import, customisation and sale of electric vehicles and material handling equipment.

Offering 10% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2098
Seeking: £150,000
For: To expand the business & maintain historic growth
Region: North West
Sector: Manufacturing
In business since: 12/00

We are an established company that has grown organically for 10 years. We are in a market with potential for massive growth in street legal electric vans and trucks. With the additional working capital we can grow at even greater rates than before. The vehicles we import are in the 3.5 tonne and less category and are ideal for councils, local authorities, NHS Trusts etc. We are already selling to these customers with our current range of electric industrial vehicles. In June this year we supplied 15 road legal vans to the London Bike Scheme to tow the bikes on trailers around the city of London. This is a very high profile account and we have also received orders for similar vehicles for football clubs, military bases and hospitals. We are launching a new vehicle in the 3.5 tonne market at the beginning of December. Already we have 30 requests for trials from councils up and down the country. The current government initiatives are additional incentives for our customers to buy

manufacture of recycled plastic film

Offering 12% interest, per annum, over 3 years

Deal ID: 2436
Seeking: £3,000,000
For: set up plastics manufacturing operation
Region: South & West
Sector: Manufacturing
In business since: 01/05

The company is seeking funding of ú3,000,000 in debt or equity to complete its manufacturing facility in Somerset and set up operations to manufacture Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) on industrial scale, which has not been achieved cost-effectively before. PVOH, when manufactured using an innovative and proprietary process, can be used to compete with traditional Polyethylene applications (such as supermarket bags), but with products which are both fully biodegradable and tough. This could be a major step forward in the fight against the environmental damage caused by the disposal of traditional packaging and represents a significant investment opportunity. The Company is planning to engage early with commercial partners and has already identified a first likely prospect in Disposable laundry bag for hospitals. The Company is seeking investment to take this technology aggressively to market. This will enable it to fund working capital to: ò set up production and supply chain for

Design & build of specialist machinery for the paper & plastics industry

Offering 10% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2304
Seeking: £100,000
For: Increase in working capital
Region: North West
Sector: Manufacturing
In business since: 01/90

We have a full order book of over ú1m and need extra cash to allow us to complete existing orders more quickly and increase sales. The bank are happy to lend for capital purchases but seem to not want to lend for working capital, we could employ an extra 10 people tomorrow and double turnover this year if we had extra cash. We are planning to take equity investors on board in the next 12 months with an aim to a trade sale in 5 years and the loan will be repaid from this investment. We have already been offered over ú1 million for a trade sale but this can be increased significantly if we increase turnover & market share. We are looking for around ú100k as an interest only secured loan at 10% interest, this will be repaid from the equity investments we are expecting or could have an option to be converted to equity if desired.

Buying and selling scrap metal worldwide

Offering 15% interest, per annum, over 1 year

Deal ID: 2345
Seeking: £260,000
For: purchase of presold stock
Region: Midlands & East
Sector: Services
In business since: 01/01

The security in trade finance is that the deal is in the control of the bank, and not at the whim of suppliers or customers: - The bank pays the supplier only when the supplierÆs shippers have completed the standard shipping documents proving the correct goods have been loaded. Payment is made once the deposit funds are cleared - The freight is fully ensured during the journey. - Goods are unloaded, inspected and released to the end customer only on payment to the bank - The bank then pays the company, less their own trade finance fees. In this way your deposit is protected, and the bank could pay your interest directly to you at the end of the 21-day cycle.

transport and engineering support services to the offshore windfarm industry

Offering 9% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2297
Seeking: £3,500,000
For: purchase of two support vessels
Region: South & West
Sector: Services
In business since: 05/10

There are extensive plans to build UK and European windfarms offshore, which will need servicing. The company plans to use the existing facilities in North Devon, the operating base for the vessels. This will provide full maintenance, service and repair capability without the need for extensive / expensive third party support.

Hotel Management Consultancy Holiday and Residential Property Letting

Offering 6% interest, per annum, over 2 Years

Deal ID: 2278
Seeking: £220,000
For: Completion of holiday villa in southern France
Region: South & West
Sector: Property
In business since: 11/89

The project is guaranteed to work as specified in the business plan, since thorough research has been carried out to ensure the target market is fully exploited. The website has been well established for over a year, and there are proven benefits for this. In addition to the interest payable to the lender, there will be available three weeks free use of the villa each year (in the low season).

boat design & manufacturer

Offering 8% interest, per annum, over 5 Years

Deal ID: 2346
Seeking: £300,000
For: build of a stock boat
Region: South & West
Sector: Manufacturing
In business since: 09/09

Your money is fully secured against the asset of the boat itself. WE can also take out insurance against your stage payments during the build process. There is a 58% profit margin from cost to retail, so a healthy buffer against having to potentially give any discount at sale. The boat will take 5 months to build when we will then look to sell the boat if it hasn't been sold already during the build process.

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