The Lender is deemed at all times to have represented and warranted to First Funding that he/she is a 'Certified High Net Worth Individual', or a 'Self Certified Sophisticated Investor' as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ('FSMA'), or are non-UK residents (in which case they must act in conformity with any relevant laws in their country of residence).

Investment in businesses carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. Such investments are highly speculative and the Lender is strongly advised to take advice from a person authorised under the FSMA who specialises in advising on investments of this kind. cannot advise on the merits or risks of investments and is not authorised to arrange transactions or circulate offer documents under the FSMA.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, is not making and does not intend to make regulated financial promotions for the purpose of FSMA and no representation or warranty is made to that effect and the attention of the Lender is drawn to the following clause.

The Lender accepts full responsibility for compliance with applicable laws relating to (among other things) FSMA when dealing with any loan arrangement or business plan. We strongly advise Lenders to seek appropriate, professional independent advice.


First Funding is a commercial finance broker, licensed by the Office of Fair Trading as credit brokers. We are introducers, we are not advisors. We are not responsible for the loan agreements, nor for the actions of parties to any loan agreement. You should seek your own legal and professional advice before agreeing to any commercial transaction.

Our Commitment as the Website Owner

First Funding cannot recommend any particular loan arrangement or business proposal.

Prior to allowing any party access to the website First Funding will require a subscribing party to provide various information including but not limited to name and address ("Personal Information"). First Funding may carry out such credit checks as it chooses.

First Funding will protect and restrict use of Personal Information in accordance with such privacy as it believes adequate to suitably protect subscribing parties. First Funding may send out information by email or be required to disclose personal information to comply with its legal obligations.

First Funding will manage the Website and enable the Business Summaries and Business Plans to be made available for viewing by selected Lenders.

If the Lender is interested in one of the Business Summaries it will communicate its interest to First Funding who will arrange and facilitate an initial introduction between the Lender and the Borrower.

First Funding does not screen, evaluate or scrutinise the Business Summaries and Business Plans or have any responsibility for any legal arrangements, accuracy of information or other dealings between the parties.

Your Commitment as the Lender

The parties subscribing to this website undertake not to circumvent nor to attempt to evade the company's fees in any transaction introduced by or handled by First Funding. This agreement applies to subsidiaries and associated companies of the parties.

All information provided other than already in the public domain is to be treated as confidential both by the parties and by First Finance.

On the first drawdown of the Loan, the Lender shall pay the funds to the Borrower net of any outstanding Arrangement Fee. The outstanding Arrangement Fee shall be paid by the Lender directly to First Funding.

Commissions will be payable to First Funding on future borrowings from the same lender for a period of 24 months following a transaction arranged by First Funding or its associates. The Lender shall pay the funds to the Borrower net of any outstanding Arrangement Fee. The outstanding Arrangement Fee shall be paid by the Lender directly to First Funding.

The Lender agrees that any facility made available to a Borrower introduced through this website will allow the Borrower a minimum of 21 days from written demand to repay any loan.

First Funding reserves the right to remove any loan offers or business proposals it considers to be unfair or unlawful.

The parties subscribing to this website agree to act in good faith at all times.